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Product Overview

Your global businesses has to be more agile than ever to keep people, data, applications and other IT resources connected and working in the smartest ways possible. Your cloud infrastructure must serve this new reality; that your business users and IT teams are directly involved in activities that create a tremendous need for multi-cloud connectivity across regions, devices and user-groups.

Key Features & Benefits

Global cloud infrastructure

China Telecom’s own global cloud infrastructure offers enterprise-grade compute, storage and networking services.

Flexible cloud resources

Flexibility to consume China Telecom’s cloud resources separately or as a private cloud. 

Multilingual management console

User-friendly management console in English and Chinese.


Cost-effective pay-as-you-go billing options.

cloud server

Workloads management

Fast and easy provisioning of workloads inside and outside of China.

Tier-1 access

To 40+ cloud nodes, on-ramps and interconnection metros globally.

Private connectivity

Between AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP, Alicloud and Tencent Cloud availability zones inside and outside of China.

cloud hosting

Provide high availability applications

Over 60 CDN cache nodes in China for high availability applications.

Fault monitoring

And managed security and CPE services.


Competitive Service Level Agreements.

US-based teams

US-based project teams and customer support.

24/7 support

24/7 Global NOC with multilingual support.

Technical Details


cloud providers

VMs can run Microsoft or Linux OS running up to 16 vCPUs.

VMs can have up to 64G RAM with 10G – 2TB storage per disk.

VMs come with one public IP address and have bandwidth options from 1M – 100M (additional IPs require approval).

Dedicated firewall with RDP service included.

Virtual Load Balancer service included.

Remote Fault Monitoring included.

Able to establish multiple virtual links from single port.

Object-Based Storage systems with multiple classes of storage.

Storage control on both transmission and access, supports data isolation and privacy policies.

Internal storage for VMs utilise FC SAN, VSAN with SSD cache.

Bare metal, hardware rental and managed cloud services available.

Cloud interconnection platform spanning 40+ global data centres.

Supports connections from MPLS VPN, Ethernet Private Line (EPL) and Internet.

Back-up and disaster recovery with encrypted backups to geo-redundant data centres.


Network Map

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