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Going from CLI to API? China Telecom’s cloud-enabled, global SD-WAN architecture fully-integrates with existing network infrastructure for a seamless hybrid WAN solution.

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230 PoPs. 95T Interconential Capacity. 47 Submarine Cables.


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Delivering Value in the Digital Era

China Telecom (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd (CTAP) is a subsidiary of China Telecom Global Pte Ltd and overlooks 15 countries in the APAC region. In Singapore, the company is licensed as a FBO by the Info-communications Media Development Authority to operate locally. Appointed as the regional headquarters, CTAP has a vision to increase its network and services footprint to ultimately extend its capabilities to help MNCs and its partners to achieve technological breakthroughs in today’s ever changing technology landscape.


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Secure, reliable, global network services that advance business communications today, tomorrow and beyond

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Business Solution


Every microsecond counts. Faster data links between exchanges minimize the amount of time it takes to make a trade and increase both operational efficiency and revenues. Our vast network infrastructure built around financial centers provides the capacity and load balancing necessary for eliminating bottlenecks and increasing speed to market.

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With the logistics industry becoming an increasingly competitive space, it is more important than ever to invest in your organization. By investing in a reliable communications infrastructure, you enable your business to better facilitate the flow of goods and rapidly transport large volumes of real-time data across all points in a complex, evolving ecosystem.

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As consumers place increasingly high expectations on user experience and the customer journey, the need for fast and reliable communications to their retail becomes apparent.

At China Telecom, we offer a fully connected, one-stop omni-channel solution that gives retailers the confidence, security and robustness needed for successful business growth in Asia. We not only understand the business landscape and culture perfectly; we also offer the connectivity options that you require and the extensive network coverage in China that you demand.

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Industrial Park

China Telecom relies on a rich global technology and management team for project planning, design, implementation, and operation experience to provide customers with a comprehensive package of information technology parks and plant construction plans; through the design and construction of intelligent networks, platforms, and application to meet Park owners, settled companies, and residents have a wealth of information needs

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